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As some of you may know I lost my mom to cancer in August of 2021. My mom was an inspiration to me, she had a fierce loyalty to the people close to her, she was strong, resilient and had a love for life. Her intuition gave her the gift of always knowing the right thing to say and when to say it. She was intelligent, fun-loving and buoyant. I miss talking to her the most, its been 4 years and I think about her and smile every day. People in my life continue to be impacted by Cancer, recently someone close to me whom I love was diagnosed and is preparing for treatment.

Cancer is indiscriminate, it comes for you when you least expect it and puts a heavy burden on the sick and their families. Im committed to cancer research, and finding a cure, this year I will be riding in the Cypress Challenge to raise money for the BC Cancer Foundation.

Im riding in support of my friend Chris Armstrong who lost his wife Lone, Jan 31st. I ride for the Lone Rangers and ask that you join me in supporting this very worthwhile cause in memory of Anne Lone Henrichsen.

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